Malas and Mala Styles

What are malas? The short answer is prayer or meditation beads. Practitioners pass each bead between their thumb and finger to count a breath or mantra. Mala beads typically have108 beads on them (a sacred number which represents spiritual completion) plus a single “guru” bead to signify the beginning and end of a count cycle. I recommend this article for a fuller explanation. I find them useful to slow my mind, aid my breathing, and calm my anxiety. But whatever you use them for, they are beautiful and can also be worn as necklaces, bracelets (on your right wrist), or even used for home decor.

I have available malas organized by color and include a brief description of the color meaning. As with anything, if you have something special you would like I can work with you to create the perfect custom piece.

Black Mala Beads
Black is the color that’s commonly associated with protection, as well as success. Black crystals are often said to protect against negative energy, and can help in working with the shadow self.

Blue Mala Beads
Blue is associated with peace and relaxation. It is a color that’s linked to the feelings of calm and can represent the soothing nature of the ocean for many.

Brown Mala Beads
Brown or wooden beads represent Mother Earth and have grounding effects. This color stands for stability, reliability and warmth. Brown and wooden beads as having a nurturing and motherly energy.

Green Mala Beads
Green is a color of personal growth and opportunity. This color represents prosperity, growth and healing.

Orange Mala Beads
Orange represents ambition, creativity and fun. This color has connections to your inner child and the playfulness of life. Wearing orange beads can help you to increase feelings of enthusiasm and joy within yourself

Pink Mala Beads
Pink very much represents love and connection. Pink gemstones are connected to affection, compassion, empathy and inner peace.

Purple Mala Beads
Purple is a color of depth and mystery. A very spiritual color, purple can enhance your intuition during meditation.

Red Mala Beads
Red represents courage, power and drive. This is the perfect color to wear if you need a boost in productivity or to get clarity on how to take action moving forward.

White and Clear Mala Beads
White is a very spiritual color that signifies purity and peace. White is often a color that’s associated with connection to the spiritual world and angels.

Yellow Mala Beads
Yellow represents clarity and creative inspiration. Yellow is a great color to clear the mind and help you focus.