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Cooking with Fresh Clams #3


Low Country Boil Clam Chowder

With all the rain we had the first half of last week, I was really in the mood for something warm and comforting. I still had better than three dozen clams that I needed to use so my mind wandered to chowder. But here in the lowcountry, a New England or Manhattan style chowder just didn’t seem right. One of my favorite lowcountry dishes is the lowcountry boil, or Frogmore Stew, so I thought I’d borrow these flavors for a chowder. Continue reading

So what is a King Tide?


The Salty Dog Cafe on October 28, 2015. Photo from The Island Packet.

If you have been on the island this week, or following the news on island happenings, you are well aware that we have been experiencing “King Tides” this week. Tuesday’s high tide was the third highest recorded since 1935, when the National Weather Service began collecting this information. So what exactly is a King Tide?Put simply, a King Tide is just an exceptionally High (and low) tide. These tides occur a just a few times a year, but to understand why, I think it is easiest to start with a brief explanation of how the tides occur. Continue reading