Monthly Archives: October 2016

Beach Update, Post Matthew

img_5015A little more than two weeks after Hurricane Matthew struck Hilton Head Island as a category 2 storm, and the cacophony of chainsaws is a near constant reminder of the extensive tree damage our beautiful island has sustained. Our home sustained only minor damage and no flooding; we were extremely fortunate, but many others were not.  It has been heartening to see how our community has come together in this time of distress, restoring my belief in the innate kindness of mankind.

But anyway, I’m not here to wax poetic about hurricanes and community, I want to talk about beaches. All the public beach parks, with the exception of Coligny, remain closed st this time. I did, however, manage to walk Mitchelville Beach today by coming through the back of Barker Field.

It was not yet high tide and I could not tell how deep this opening to the sound was, so I did not attempt to cross. I shall return later this week at low tide with the intention of making it to Dolphin Head (the sea wall) in Hilton Head Plantation.