Beach Walk, July 26, 2018

Mitchelville Beach (Fish Haul Beach Park), looking left to the west.

Yesterday I waled west from Mitchelville Beach for a mile and a half, until I reached the sea wall in Hilton Head Plantation. As you may or may not know, all beaches on the island are “public”, whereas the property that lies behind them is likely private, so when I do this walk (a regular for me) it ends at the wall. If you would also like to make this trip you will need to plan it to start and end within a couple hours of low tide as there are a few tidal creeks to cross and make sure you wear shoes.

Although I always have my eyes open for interesting critters and treasures to collect, I take this route more for the beauty of the walk itself, and the small boneyard beach found at this eastern end of the sea wall. 

Some of the views…(just click on any image to view it larger)

For the uninitiated, a boneyard beach is where the Atlantic ocean, or in this case Port Royal Sound, is eroding the coastline, washing away the soil and and killing the trees, which are left to bleach in the sun and perhaps topple into the waves.

Now for some of he critters…

There was more (there is always more), but I think we’ll call it a day. At least until the next beach walk 🙂


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