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A Passion for Re-Creating

I split my time between homes in southwest Ohio and the lowcountry of South Carolina on Hilton Head Island. I am a practicing naturalist in both states and lead many nature programs, for organizations in both states, as well as offering private programs. When I’m not out in nature, I also enjoy finding thrift shop treasures and salvaging found items (I’ve been know to “dumpster dive, but that’s our secret, lol). I have found the perfect creative outlet for myself by combining the treasure from nature with my thrift finds and salvage to create, or re-create, “new” treasures.
I have a passion for collecting beach and forest treasures. It is a rare occasion that I don’t come home with something in my pocket, if not a whole bucket full. I give many of these finds to children participating in my nature programs. I also make home decor and jewelry with them, but the collections continue to grow. The husband has suggested that I start selling some of these things as a means to “support my habits”, whatever in the heck that means. All critter specimens have been humanely harvested (no living thing taken from the beach!), by me, on Hilton Head Island beaches. Only the finest free-range, organic sea critters are used, along with beach found driftwood, stones, and the like. The other items used in these creations (frames, papers, etc.) I have found in thrift shops or some sort of “salvage” on my part. For the jewelry creations I buy old and “junk” jewelry in lots or from thrift shops. Anyone can buy pretty supplies in abundance and use these to make mass produced pretty things. Using found and salvaged items forces creativity, because you are working with diverse things in limited quantity. This adds to the charm of the items; they are definitely one of a kind and not mass produced.
If you are interested in checking out my re-creations, please click on t”Re-Creations” in the menu bar. If you have any questions please contact me by email at or on Facebook at Re-Creations by Part-Time Local.
Custom Order Options: l create custom jewelry, or beach and nature themed display or decor items, just contact me and we can discuss what it is you’d like.