And so it begins…

A section of the 30-inch diameter pipeline that brings sand to the shore from a dredging location several miles offshore. A slurry of sand and sea water is pumped on to the beach, parallel with the shore, allowing the water to drain and leave the sand. Large bulldozers then move the sand as necessary to rebuild the beach.

I paid a last visit to Mitchelville Beach this morning before access will be closed starting tomorrow, June 1st, to begin the island’s 2016 beach renourishment.  Last done in 2007, this program rebuilds beaches lost as the shoreline retreats due to erosion. The rebuilding of the beach is an ongoing battle with the forces of nature, and one for which there are many arguments for and against, but not here, not now.

Work has been under way at Mitchelville for the past week, clearing the many trees felled by erosion. The huge peat flats exposed by the erosion and the missing trees leave the beach looking vastly different to a visitor from even a few short months ago.

Last week I took a walk from the heel of the island northwest to Fish Haul Creek to record the vast erosion that has occurred since last fall.

I plan to get out as I can to photograph the changes, but if you want to keep up with updates on the project bookmark this link. Below is a timeline map for the project.

The renourishment will take place in stages and this map represents the planned timeline for the project. In order to complete this enormous undertaking in the allotted 5 months, work will continue around the clock once it commences.



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