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New Developments

I’ve run across so many new critters over the past year that my nerdy excitement is in full gear. Some of these critters have been found while doing private beach programs, which is super cool for those who are adventuring with me, and here are a couple of those…

And some of these have been found while wandering alone…

This excitement over new critters leads me to the following developments. First, as y’all know, I’ve been doing programs for the Coastal Discovery Museum for two years now, with the school programs being especially dear to me. Going forward I’ll be adding private beach and nature programs as well. Does someone in your group have a particular love of dolphins, horseshoe crabs, or some other critter? These programs can be tailored in length and content to the desires of your group.I plan on the programs being at Mitchelville Beach, but if you are staying at a beachfront location, I can come to you instead if you prefer. I am obviously not on the island all the time, so I will start posting the dates I am available for tours at the top of the Part-Time Local Facebook page. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, just email me at mary@part-timelocal.com or send me a message on the Facebook page and we can discuss the details.

The second development involves the development of this website. I’ll be adding all these new critters to the “Critters” section of the site, but I’ll also be reworking these pages some to reflect a more correct taxonomy, or classification, of the critters. After I update a particular critter page I post it to the Facebook page so y’all can easily check out the changes if you’s like.

New critter adventure…

I spent hours roaming the beach yesterday before a storm rolled in during the afternoon, and loved every minute of it. “But there is nothing unusual about that,”you say, “you always enjoy the beach.” What made yesterday extra special was that I met not one, but four different critters that I had not yet had the pleasure of making acquaintance. All of these will be added to the appropriate critter pages.

018Almost as soon as I started walking I ran into this fella, that looks to me like an exceptionally large Kirby cucumber. Yes, I’ve seen many boomerang shaped Lined (Green) Sea Cumbers, but this is a Hairy (Brown) Sea Cucumber, which can be elongated or almost spherical. I have never found an elongated one, and the round ones I have found have all been surf worn and smooth. This one still retains bumps from the tube feet that cover the entire body in life. Sea cucumbers live in shallow burrows an shallow water and are often washed up after rough weather, which makes sense with stormy weather we have had of late. Continue reading

Mitchelville Beach Walk, March 26, 2016


Oysters and muscles nestled in the Spartina Grass.

I hope y’all had a wonderful Easter. I spent the day waiting for the rain to stop. And it didn’t. On the upside, I spent a delightful evening with a friend and her three granddaughters “playing beach collection.” It was like a beach program, but with my living room floor filling in for the part of the beach. I hope I didn’t bore them too terribly, but they seemed happy when they left with their bags of goodies. Continue reading

Stormy Weather


Miss Shelby when she’s not scared.

My dog, the ever “brave” Pembroke Welsh Corgi Shelby, is hiding under my chair as thunder rumbles so loudly that the windows vibrate. I’m in for the night so I’m hoping that it storms all night long and clears by morn, as so often happens during the heat of summer. This isn’t because of any particular love for thunderstorms, indeed, the noise tends to keep me awake, but because I am planning an early morning beachcombing expedition and stormy weather often churns up interesting finds that would lie undisturbed in calmer water. Continue reading